BENU is the leading Pharmacy chain in Hungary and operates approximately 170 Pharmacies and branch Pharmacies in the country.

While our presence is particularly emphasized in the capital Budapest, as well as the Western and Northern parts of Hungary, BENU is committed to ensure service in all parts of the country and even in the countryside. Out of 170 Pharmacies in all of Hungary

  • 25 are located in shopping malls, 
  • 18 in or close to hospitals and health centers and 
  • 32 in small villages

The BENU brand was introduced in Hungary in 2012. In our Pharmacies, we offer an understandable, clear-cut and uniform environment, professionally planned product placement, courteous service and personalized advice. We rely on our around 1,100 employees for their expertise and professional interaction with customers.

BENU has won numerous awards in Hungary and is a full member of the Hungarian Franchise Association.

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