A sustainable
future for all.

We can do it.

What sustainability means for BENU.

For us at BENU sustainability is much more than just a word. In over 1.400 pharmacies all across Europe we strive for health and well-being. Isn`t it logical that we should also strive for a healthy environment and a healthy future?

Let us give you a glimpse into our current activities and future goals towards a more sustainable, healthy world.

The end of the disposable plastic bag.

The extensive use of plastic bags worldwide is causing severe environmental problems. Europeans alone use around 100 billion plastic bags per year. That is why – together with you – we are addressing the topic.

Many BENU pharmacies have switched to sustainable alternatives – to contribute to greater sustainability1.

More and more we offer bags made of recycled paper. They are fully recyclable and decompose fast2.

Since 2018 many BENU pharmacies have also been offering “I’m green” sugar cane tote bags, a sturdy, reusable, 100% recyclable alternative3.

Your contributions count!

  • When shopping at BENU, bring your own carrier bag or try one of BENUs multiple use ones.

  • Dispose of expired or unwanted medication responsibly. Do not flush to avoid water contamination. Check for disposal boxes in your community and read the label for any disposal instructions.

  • Look for products made from renewable or recycled materials.

Four important sustainability areas

Learn more about Sustainability at the PHOENIX group:
  1. Not yet available in every BENU pharmacy; Available while stocks last
  2. Paper bag: Blue Angel certified, FSC certified
  3. Sugar Cane: I'm green, Green Polyethylene