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We want to benefit you — BENU Pharmacies stand for reliability, trust, and professionalism, while at the same time we embody vitality, innovative spirit, and commitment. We want to offer you a welcoming environment where you feel safe and confident. You will immediately feel that you are in good hands when you come to us. The following five values are manifest in our operational business: competent and friendly, as well as fresh, innovative, and engaging.
The name BENU has been chosen because it is short and powerful and easy to pronounce in different languages. The BENU bird in the logo is a symbol of life, energy, and innovation. Our logo is thus a reflection of everything we do for you. The heart of our mission is to continually aspire to fulfilling your individual wishes and requirements.


In the coming years, more and more BENU Pharmacies will be refitted with our open and bright new store concept, highlighting the feel-good factor during your visit. The self-service area gives our customers the highly appreciated opportunity to discover, touch, and learn about products for health and well-being.
Our new pharmacy concept enhances the interaction between you and your pharmacist. In addition to purely dispensing drugs, we realised that you, the customer, are increasingly looking for comprehensive advice on various health and care products. Therefore, emphasis is placed on providing you with individualised advice.
It was of utmost importance to us that you can still consider your store as the local BENU Pharmacy. Therefore, instead of simply imposing a generic blueprint on the store we ensure that the concept is always adapted to the existing surroundings and environment.


Our private label range currently comprises 49 products in various categoriesThe quality has been tested by internationally renowned institutes such as SGS Institute Fresenius. Our products are packed in high-quality packaging material with FSC certification.
The food supplements have been introduced in various BENU countries about in 2012. Latest product launches include several food supplements as well as new products within the category personal care. As popularity of our private label products is constantly increasing, it is planned to extend the product range of diagnostic devices, baby care and further products from the personal care range next.
From the beginning, we felt that offering private labels to you allows us to ensure quality products at reasonable prices. This is consistent with our claim to give you competent and professional advice about the products sold in BENU Pharmacies.
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